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Miniature Golf Course Design

Entertainment for All ages   -  All Fairways ADA Compliant 

Miniature golf is as popular today as it was many years ago.  The designs have evolved into more playable curses that do not rely on windmills, lighthouses, dinosaurs and wild animals,trick shots and other gimmicks to generate interest.  Modern miniature golf courses have introduced actual play challenges as the experience that brings people back.   From day one, all our miniature golf course designs have incorporated ADA compliance into all of the fairways on our course designs.

Making your mini-golf course look like a professional golf course or a non-conventional design, our design team provides concept development, creative fairway and site grading design tuned to your needs and the physical realities of your site. We design all our courses to be ADA compliant for all fairways (18, 36 or more). No person should be prevented from playing all the fairways on a course because of physical challenges. This includes guests with physical challenges, mothers with strollers, or parents and grandparents with arthritis.

Our staff works with our clients starting with the original topographic survey, through developing a working concept that establishes the size and shape of your mini golf course, creating the final design (including theming) and developing construction plans and specifications.  As civil engineers we recognize and address the enviromental and administrative elements of the total project.  This includes drainage, parking, traffic and related issues.

El Chorro Regional Park Go-Kart Track and Miniature Golf Course                                                                                            San Luis Obispo County CA Parks and Recreation Department (Scheduled Opening Early 2019)  Development of design concepts and final design for an 800-foot outdoor electric (battery powered) family road course go-kart track and an 18 hole miniature golf course, preparation of construction plans, specifications and bid documents. The go-kart track designed for dual pit and reversible direction of operation.

Adventure Park - Lubbock, Texas (Scheduled Opening Spring 2019) Project consisted of two 18-hole miniature golf courses, both completely ADA accessible and both courses laid out to accommodate4 separate 9-hole courses for birthday parties.  Project also included a free-form 10-Boat Bumper Boat Pond with docking pockets, islands and chase channels, electic bumper boats and swimming pool quality water, boche ball courts, rehabilitation of existing go-kart track, gravity towers with a ropes course, an indoor FEc, and related elements.

A & K Miniature Golf Course and Fun Center - Cambridge, Minnesota  (Scheduled opening late spring 2019)                    Project includes 18-hole miniature golf course, WaterWars, sand volleyball court, food service birthday party room and game room. 

282 Family Fun Park - Caron, Saskatchewan (Scheduled Opening 2019)  Development of concept plan and final design for seasonal outdoor family entertainment center containing 835-foot reversible family road course go-kart track, 18 hole miniature golf course, WaterWars, outdoor soft play, picnic pavilion, sand volleyball court, bunny corral and point of sales building. Plans for future addition includes a country store.

Pinballz - Buda, Texas (Scheduled opening late 2019)  Project consists of developing concepts and final plans for the addition of additional indoor building space and outdoor attractions for existing indoor FEC. Outdoor attractions include an 18-hole ADA accessible miniature golf course, 800-foot outdoor family road course go-kart track 10-boat bumper boat pond, sand volleyball court, outdoor beer garden and expanded parking. 

Fort Frenzy - Fort Dodge, Iowa (Open December 2013)  Complete outdoor/indoor family entertainment center consisting of 25,000 square foot building (formerly industrial building) 18-hole ADA accessible miniature golf course with waterfall, -and stream, plus plans for a future second 18-holes to be constructed at a future next year), with 850 foot family road course go-kart track with electric (battery powered go-karts) designed to operate in both directions, eight boat bumper boat pond with battle zone containing water cannon, outdoor stage and future plans for "Adult" slick road course go-kart track. 

Victory Fun Park - Lewisburg, Tennessee (Open Summer 2013)  The initial project, scheduled for opening in August consists of a 9-hole miniature golf course and parking lot plus a small clubhouse & game room. A second 9-holes will be constructed at a later date along with a dual WaterWars and a children's play area.

Zoomers Amusement Park - Fort Myers, Florida (Opened June 15, 2012)   Complete outdoor/indoor family entertainment center consisting of 13,500 square foot building with an 18 hole ADA compliant miniature golf course, 850 foot family road course go-kart track with 850 foot dual pit family road course go-kart track, 300 foot combination "Adult" slick road course/"Rookie" go-kart track, all designed to operate in both directions, 10 boat bumper boat pond, dual WaterWars and midway with kiddie rides.   

Tree Top Family Adventure - Birmingham, Alabama (Opened May 1, 2010)  Complete outdoor/indoor family entertainment center consisting of 18,000 square foot building  with 18-hole ADA compliant miniature golf course including  waterfall, stream and receiving pool, an 850-foot family road course go-kart track  and dual WaterWars. 

Fast Lane Family Fun Park - Cookeville, Tennessee (Opened October 2009)  Project consisted of an 18-hole ADA compliant miniature golf course with waterfall, stream and receiving pond,  820-foot family road course go-kart track and WaterWars.

Earlier Projects
In prior years the firm designed many other projects, including Sugar Grove Fun Park in Sugar Grove IL, Qwivals Family Entertainment Center in Victor MT, Shakers Family Entertainment Center in Calgary Alberta, The Park at Middletown KY, Fun Zone in Geneva-on-the-Lake OH, 

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