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Bumper Boat Pond Design

Bumper boats have proven to be one of the best "impulse" attractions since the adaptation of multiple water treatment systems that permit the use of swimming pool quality water in the ponds.   This enabled manufacturers to add squirt guns to the boats, adding an additional entertainment value to the overall experience.

Entertainment Concepts introduced the design of bumper boat ponds with free form fiberglass walled ponds that included islands and chase channels to further increase the overall excitement and entertainment value experienced by the guests.

We've worked from the beginning to improve guest safety through the design of an individual bumper boat docking pocket system that hold boats in position for guests boarding and exiting, as well as providing safety walkways around the pond perimeters to enhance staff access to the far side of the pond in the event they need to be there in a hurry. All our pond designs include the use of flexible fiberglass walls to improve both the quality of the visual experience and to increase the longevity of the boat tubes.

With the advent of electric (battery powered) bumper boats, we exclusively specify the use of electric boats and all of our pond designs incorporate the provision of swimming pool quality water in the pond. This is especially significant with modern boats having squirt guns.

Each pond is designed with islands to create chase channels to permit far more exciting and entertaining experiences. Many of our newer pond clients ask for our newer pond designs that create two separate areas for guests, the first being for more reserved bumping and the second containing  the "battle-zone" with islands, shore-mounted squirt guns and water canons. an more challenging more resed inclusion of battle zones where the boats compete with shore-based guests firing coin operated shore mounted water "cannons" and squirt guns at the.firing at the boats as the boats fire at them.

Adventure Park - Lubbock, Texas (Scheduled Opening Spring 2019)  Project consisted of the design of a free-form 10-Boat Bumper Boat Pond with docking pockets, islands and chase channels, electic bumper boats and swimming pool quality water.  Project also included 36-holes of miniature golf, boche ball courts , rehabilitation of exosting go-kart track gravity towers with a ropes course, an indoor FEc, and related elements.

Helios Family Entertainment Park - Danang, Vietnam (Opened Spring 2014)  Project consisted of the development of concept plans and final design for an outdoor14 boat bumper boat pond with Battle Zone and 1,000-foot river channel for boat school, plus a  750 foot reversible indoor (second floor) electric (battery powered) family road course go-kart track with dual pitting, on the second floor of large food & entertainment facility. 

Fort Frenzy - Fort Dodge, Iowa (Open December 2013)  Complete outdoor/indoor family entertainment center consisting of 25,000 square foot building (formerly industrial building), an 8-boat bumper boat pond with battle zone containing water cannon, 850 foot family road course go-kart track with electric (battery Powered go-karts) designed to operate in both directions, 18-hole miniature golf course 

Representative earlier bumper boat pond clients include, Sugar Grove Fun Park in Sugar Grove IL, The Park at Middletown KY, Amazon Station in Janesville WI, Caddy Shak in Donegal PA, Family First Sports Park in Erie PA,, Adventure Zone in Deep Creek Lake MD and  America's Action Territory in Bristol WI.

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