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Entertainment Concepts, Inc. has been developing state of the art ,entertaining and exciting concession go-kart tracks for a wide range of clients and specific site situations.

Since 1990 our firm has created many new designs and operational concepts for more than 130 existing tracks throughout the United States, Canada and overseas.  These include outdoor gasoline and electric powered go-karts and indoor electric go-karts.

Through out the entire period we have been  leading innovators in the development unique exciting and entertaining track designs that serve to generate guest excitement and entertainment,. These designs challenge driving skills by having short straight elements, left hand and right hand turns, individual curve banking and grade changes all calculated to keep driver's attention on the track ahead of them.  This has proven to be a prime element in the high return rates experienced by our clients.

As professional engineers we've introduced many modern construction practices, pavement designs and safety features into each of our designs.   From our first track design in 1990, we've incorporated reversibility of driving direction into every track design to increase the options available to the operator.  Reversing the direction of travel on the track is enhanced by making the driving experience different through the varying of curve banking and other track elements.  Offering the opportunity to have different driving dual and triple pit designs that permit higher total peak hour ride capacity without having to construct additional tracks; greatly improved track barrier systems and entrance/exit gates that enhance safety; and pit building configurations with roll-up doors to permit on-track year around storage and higher lighting levels for safety.

Our pavement and geometric designs permit the use of the same track for three different types of karts (adult, family and rookie) with different speeds and skill levels in outdoor environments.

With the influx of pratical operating systems, improved battery performance,  we've designed a number of both indoor and outdoor  electric (battery powered) go-kart tracks that not only provide full-sized karts with multiple speed ranges but add separate pitting for rookie karts for younger drivers without having to add a separate track. The addition of rookie karts to an FEC go-kart package greatly increases the appeal for families with younger children and adds a great birthday party component to the mix. For facilities that have too high a demand for full-sized karts to share the pavement, we design "rookie" road course configurations based on lower speeds, narrower pavements, and smaller karts.

Recognizing the potential for greatly increasing the popularity of slick tracks in 1995, our firm created the "adult" slick road course concept to provide older, more experienced drivers with a more challenging driving experience. This driving skills track introduced a number of elements that assured their popularity. This involved creating geometric track designs that required both left and right-hand turns on a tight flat track design with much tighter turns, a very flat cross-section, smoother pavement surface with waxed surfaces that simulate driving on "black ice." Our later designs introduced elevation changes into the mix.

Over the years we have also designed specialty tracks, including high-banked ovals, Tri-ovals, dual and triple use, competition racing go-kart tracks, modern 'kiddie" tracks and related concepts. Call us to discuss your specific requirements.

Electric (Battery Powered) Go-Karts
We have always used electric (battery powered) go-karts for our indoor family entertainment center designs. This has been done because of the extremely high cost of maintaining a constant fresh air supply for the guests and staff when gasoline powered karts are used.

In 1999 we designed what may well have been the first outdoor electric (battery powered) go-kart track. While the initial high cost of these karts kept them from being more widely used outdoors, We've now designed several tracks for the outdoor market and anticipate the trend will gradually increase as battery technology improves and the costs approach that of gasoline-powered karts. This is especially true where public misconceptions pertaining to noise result in their restriction.

Electric karts are designed to permit changing speeds of all karts at the same time. This permits us to design tracks that can accommodate a broad range of speeds that can operate as testosterone speedways during periods where the track guests are primarily adult; as family tracks when the majority of the guests are families and younger drivers; and at even lower speeds for birthday party groups.

Representative Projects

Frankies Fun Park - Charlotte North Carolina (Opened November 2018)  Developed concept plans, final design and construction plans and specifications for three go-kart tracks at Frankies Fun Park's newest and largest family entertainment center. The tracks include a 1,430-foot family road course go-kart track with dual pitting, a 1,100-foot reversible "Adult" Grand-Prix road course go-kart track and a 500-foot reversible "Adult" slick road course go-kart track. Overall park includes 85,000 s.f. indoor attractions building, miniature golf, and several theme park midway rides.

El Chorro Regional Park Go-Kart Track and Miniature Golf Course                                                                                              San Luis Obispo County CA Parks and Recreation Department (Scheduled Opening Early 2019)  Development of design concepts and final design for an 800-foot outdoor electric (battery powered) family road course go-kart track and an 18-hole tkemed miniature golf course, preparation of construction plans, specifications and bid documents. The go-kart track designed for dual pit and reversible direction of operation.

Funway Family Entertainment Center - Batavia Illinois (Scheduled Opening Spring 2019)  Development of design concepts and final design of 900-foot family road course go-kart track as part of an expansion of outdoor attractions for the largest family entertainment center in Illinois. Sevices included coordination with other consultant working on other elements of the project, as well as the preparation of construction plans and specifications. The go-kart track designed for dual pit and reversible direction of operation.

282 Family Fun Park - Caron, Saskatchewan (Scheduled Opening 2019) Development of concept plan and final design for seasonal outdoor family entertainment center containing 835-foot reversible family road course go-kart track, 18 hole miniature golf course, WaterWars, outdoor soft play, picnic pavilion, sand volleyball court, bunny corral and point of sales building. Plans for future addition includes a country store.

Pinballz - Austin Texas (Scheduled Opening early 2019)  Development of floorplan concepts for expansion of existing indoor FEC into adjacent 55,000 s.f. space. Attractions include 6,000 s.f. Laser tag arena, escape rooms, birthday party rooms, meeting rooms, bar area and point of sales. Developed concept through final design of 470-foot electric (battery powered) go-kart track.

Pinballz - Buda, Texas (Scheduled opening late 2019)  Project consists of developing concepts and final plans for the addition of additional indoor building space and outdoor attractions for existing indoor FEC. Outdoor attractions include 800-foot outdoor family road course go-kart track with dual pitting and reversible operation, 18 hole miniature golf course, 10 boat bumper boat pond, sand volleyball court, outdoor beer garden and expanded parking.  Work included preparation of construction plans and specifications for the go-kart track, miniature golf course, sand volleyball court and bumper boat pond.

Action City - Eau Claire, Wisconsin (Opened May 2017)  Development of Concepts and final design of 720-foot reversible family road course go-kart track as part of an expansion of outdoor attractions for an existing family entertainment center and indoor water park. Services included preparation of construction plans and specifications.

Wonder Mountain - Bey, Maine (Opened Spring 2016) Developed concept through final design of 715-foot outdoor electric (battery powered) family road course go-kart track as part of an expansion of an existing family entertainment center. Services included preparation of construction plans and specifications.

Fun Trackers - Corpus Christi, Texas (0pened March 2015)  Project consisted of the development of concept plans and final design for a 900-foot reversible dual pit family road course go hart track and 7 bay batting cage as part of the renovation of an existing indoor/outdoor family entertainment center. These attractions replaced an existing course go-kart track.

Helios Family Entertainment Park - Danang, Vietnam (Opened Spring 2014)  Project consisted of the development of concept plans and final design for a 750 foot reversible indoor (second floor) electric (battery powered) family road course go-kart track with dual pitting, on the second floor of large food & entertainment facility. Project also included outdoor14 boat bumper boat pond with Battle Zone and 1,000-foot river channel for boat school.

Fort Frenzy - Fort Dodge, Iowa (Open December 2013)  Complete outdoor/indoor family entertainment center consisting of 25,000 square foot building (formerly industrial building) with 850 foot family road course go-kart track with electric (battery Powered go-karts) designed to operate in both directions, 18-hole miniature golf course (second 18-holes to be constructed next year), eight boat bumper boat pond with battle zone containing water cannon, outdoor stage and future plans for "Adult"slick road course go-kart track. The building contains 6-lane Highway 66 mini-bowling alley, laser tag, bumper cars, birthday party rooms, toddler area/parent's lounge, food service area, game room, skating rink and banquet hall.

More coming soon.

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