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Attraction Design

Working closely with you in your attraction design, Entertainment Concepts, Inc., of Mount Prospect, Illinois, is well experienced in miniature golf courses and concessions go-karts. Our firm team also sees to it that you are familiar with the overall industry and the methods of increasing ongoing guest perceived entertainment values.

Concepts & Planning
Our attraction facilities services include the development of concepts and master planning for FECs, including assistance in determining specific attractions and creation of optimized building floor plans. Our firm also performs feasibility studies for a wide range of family entertainment projects.

Concession Go-Karts

Since 1990 our firm has created many new design and operational concepst for a wide variety of concession go-kart tracks around the country and overseas  We have developed family road courses based on reversibility of direction the results in entirely new driving challenges, dual and triple pit designs that permit higher total peak hour ride capacity without having to construct additional tracks, greatly improved track barrier systems and entrance/exit gates, pit buildings with roll up doors to permit on-track year around storage and higher lighting levels for safety.  Our designs permit the use of the same track surface for three different types of karts (adult,family and rookie) with different speeds and skill levels in outdoor enviroments and the creation of indoor electric (battery powered) go-kart tracks that not only provide full sized karts with multiple speed ranges but add separate pitting for rookie karts for younger drivers without having to add a separate track.  The addition of rookie karts to an FEC go-kart package greatly increases the appeal for families with younger children and adds a great birthday party component to the mix.

Our firm created the "adult" slick road course concept many years ago to add a skill track for more experienced drivers.  This involved creating geometric track designs that required both left and right hand turns on a tight flat track design with waxed surfaces that simulate driving on "black ice."  Our creations also include unique high banked and tri-oval tracks as well as kiddie tracks for the younger guests.. 

We have probably designed more concession go-kart tracks than any other firm, created more diverse track configurations and continue to create new and inovative designs for facilities around the globe.

Miniature Golf
Making your mini-golf course look like a professional golf course or a non-conventional design, our design team provides concept development, creative fairway and site grading design tuned to your needs and the physical realities of your site.  We design all our courses to be ADA compliant for all fairways (18, 36 or more).  No person should be prevented from playing all the holes on a course because of physical challenges.  This includes guests with physical challenges, mothers with strollers,or  parents and grandparents with arthritis.

Our staff works with our clients starting with the original topographic survey, through developing a working concept that establishes the size and shape of your mini golf course, creating the final design (including theming) and developing construction plans and specifications.

Bumper Boat Ponds

From the time we developed our first free-form bumper boat pond design, we've worked to improve the entertainment value of the ponds with islands that create chase channels, improving the operational safety through designing the individual boat docking system that hold boats in position for guests boarding and exiting, as well as providing safety walkways around the pond perimeters to enhance staff access to the far side of the pond in the event they need to be there in a hurry. All our pond designs include the use of flexible fiberglass walls to improve both the quality of the visual experience and to increase longevity ofthe boat tubes.  Ouor designs include the provision of swimming pool quality water in the pond.  Or pond designs are all based on the use of electric (baterry powered) boats to eliminate the oil residue prevelent with gasoline engine powered boats. This especially significant with modern boats having squirt guns.

Other Outdoor Attractions

We also offer the inclusion of other attractions into the outdoor mix of attractions, including but not limited to batting cages, WaterWars, outdoor laser tag, 



Let your attraction guests enjoy the thrill of driving a small, 4-wheeled go-kart. These vehicles are powered by 9 horsepower motors that go up to 20 mph, and give you the feeling of going twice that speed.

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